Stellar Dynamics


Most stars are born in clusters, where the density is such that gravitational interactions play a predominant role. Studying the kinematics and internal dynamics of young clusters therefore holds important clues on the initial conditions of stellar formation.


Over the past 4 years, I have specialized in precision astrometry. In the context on the COSMIC-DANCE project, and to prepare for the Gaia mission, I am leading an ambitious project aiming at measuring and studying the velocities of  members of young clusters and associations.

Are massive stars in general slower or faster than their low-mass counterparts? How does the presence or absence of massive OB stars influence the dynamics of a cluster? How does it influence the spatial distribution? How many sources are ejected from their parent cluster?

The COSMIC-DANCE project is described in more details on a dedicated website.

Credit: ESO

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Photograph Credit: Yuri Beletsky