Muriel Gargaud
CNRS Research Director - Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Bordeaux, UMR 5804, Université Bordeaux 1
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Muriel Gargaud studied atomic and molecular collisional processes occurring in terrestrial and astrophysical plasmas for twenty years. In 2000 she made a complete thematic conversion in the field of astrobiology. Since then she developed, through many workshops and schools, research on interdisciplinary issues on origins and evolutiuon of life on Earth and its possible presence elsewhere in the Universe.
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Collegial books and publications:

L'environnement de la terre primitive Les traces du vivant Des atomes aux planètes habitables Lectures in astrobiology 1 Lectures in astrobiology 2 From Suns to Life
  Palevol Le Soleil, la Terre et la Vie Origins and Evolution of Life Encyclopedia of Astrobiology Young Sun, Early Earth and the Origins of Life L'Evolution de l'Univers aux SOciétés