Philippe Prugniel and Caroline Soubiran



We present ELODIE.3.1, an updated release of the ELODIE library originally published in 2001A&A...369.1048P (astro-ph/0101378). It is part of the spectrophotometric resources available in HyperLeda. The spectra can be visualized or downloaded in FITS format in HyperLeda (current version) or Vizier (old published version).

The ELODIE library includes 1962 spectra of 1388 stars obtained with the ELODIE spectrograph at the Observatoire de Haute-Provence 193cm telescope in the wavelength range 390 to 680 nm. It provides a large coverage of atmospheric parameters :Teff from 3000 K to 60000 K, log g from -0.3 to 5.9 and [Fe/H] from -3.2 to +1.4. The library is given at two resolutions:

(1) LH_ELODIE, at R=42000, with the flux normalized to the pseudo-continuum

(2) LL_ELODIE, at R=10000 calibrated in physical flux (reduced above earth atmosphere) with a broad-band photometric precision of 2.5% and narrow-band precision of 0.5%.

An interpolated grid is also given, which has been used for synthesis of stellar population with PEGASE-HR (Le Borgne et al., 2004A&A...425..881L astro-ph/0408419).